Powerball Record

Powerball Record

Powerball is a game that is highly addictive to its players. Most of the well known great players in the world has been one way or another been said to a powerball addicts. This is because it is a fun and most captivating game ever known. It is increasingly being on demand and most commonly available in the markets today.

The record at the moment stands at 16,553 as the current record. This is amazing since it is the highest record that has been set to have been achieved. The world record holder of the powerball is Akis Kritsinelis of Greece with a record for 250Hz NSD Powerballs of 16,732 rpm peak. He is considered as the fastest man in the globe as the record holder in the Guinness record. He also has the records of 21,228 revolutions in 90s in his strength mode and an overall combine of 31,816 in a dual category. He played this game with two balls separately in each hand. He has a peak speed of record of 350Hz “Metal” powerball in 14,091 rpm (denser).

In the second position is Jeremy Goldsmith of Great Britain who has a record of 16102 rpm in the game of Outdoor Pursuits. The person in the third place is Sebastian Achard o France who holds a record of 15915 rpm in his winning record of all sports. The fourth person is Bjorn Hjelte (SE) with his record standing at 15835 rpm. He won this record in the Powerball Badminton. However, his details have not been updated according to NSD Powerball Scoreboard but are yet to be made available.

Guicheteau Thomas from France holds the fifth position in Powerball only with a record of 15,656 rpm followed closely by Duane Cash from the U.S with 16,654 rpm. Duane won this record in always Powerballing as his sport of interest. These people in this record are rated as the World Top 100 in the NSD Powerball. The rest of the participants have won over each other by a significant margin. The competition is steep and everyone is up for a try to prove himself as the champion. These are all men in this record; however, women also compete in this game and have shown their best in the sport.

Not only the winning fame does it come along with but also the amount of cash that brings people closer and closer to the ball everyday. James Wirth of Bloomsdale aged 52, says he could not believe it when he was announced as the winner in the Lottery game of powerball by winning a prize of $200,000. He says from then onwards he has been playing during Wednesday and Saturdays. This shows great performance for that age to compete with young people and afford to win. For this reason, it shows it is everyone’s game so long as there is a jackpot to hit!

In the lottery powerball games, draws are made every week and the winners end the days with good cash depending on the speed and the rpm.

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