Powerball Neon

Powerball Neon

The powerball neon is just about the same size as a tennis ball and only weighs about three hundred grams. One of the most unique features of a powerball neon is that it comes with a set of different colors that the user can choose from, these colors include; red, green and blue. Thus the powerball neon gives the customer the option to choose his or her favorite color. Another unique feature of a powerball neon is that the neon light flashes given the powerball neon an attractive look. The intensity and brightness of the flashing neon light in the powerball neon is determined by how fast you spin the powerball. Also the powerball neon comes with an additional RMP counter unit that enables you not only to monitor your daily increase in strength but also adds a competitive aspect when it comes to challenging your friends on who can hit the highest score.

The powerball neon is the ultimate exercise tool as it enables the user to exercise his or her arm anywhere at anytime, the user can exercise while reading a newspaper, watch television or even while working to work. This small gadget is even usable by those people who hate working out or doing any kind of exercise because once the user activates it and starts using it, it does not feel as though you are exercising but it almost feels as though you are playing with a toy. The powerball neon is applicable to being used by any person either an adult or children but it is not recommended for children under the age of fourteen as the gadget can be very addictive to the user.

The powerball neon comes with an LCD screen display that records and stores all your scores, the has an added advantage to the powerball pro that does not have the LCD screen, as the screen enables the user to see his or her score and urges the user to keep trying to trying to reach the highest. There is also an online score board for all the powerball neon users whereby the user can enter his or her scores and compare it with the rest of the powerball users. This gives the user more and more interest in the gadget and in doing so the user exercise intensifies enabling him or her to feel the desired results.

The powerball neon is the best fittest tool that can be used by individuals who use their arms in sporting activities. The powerball neon is mostly applicable to; golfers, musicians, tennis players, basket balers and those who play badminton. The powerball neon enables the arm muscles of such individuals to contract and relax for a long period of time without fatigue. This therefore enables the athlete to practice for longer periods while at the same time give the user more strength as well as flexibility to the arms and shoulder. Musicians such as piano player benefit from the powerball neon in that it increases the waist strength.

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